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We’re looking for a:
Legal and  Operations Assistant


Reporting directly to the CEO, this is a unique opportunity for an intelligent, loving, kick-ass individual to join our team at an exciting stage in our business as we move from start-up and prepare for growth. You will need to work hard and use all of your skills, networks, lateral thinking, ability to connect, and mind.

We are currently transitioning from a start-up phase to growth. The Legal and Operations Assistant will play a crucial role in building a professional, efficient, open and caring team to achieve this growth and in establishing internal systems, operating procedures, information systems, compliance to set us on the right track for growth. The position will also manage Our People by helping us to light a fire in each team member to be aluan ambassadors and environmental warriors as well as to ensure compliance with relevant Indonesian and international laws, regulations and treaties. The Assistant will also have the opportunity to function as the legal and governance administration for our Indonesian company PT Green Enterprises Indonesia, licences, etc. There is also an opportunity to play a role in our Singapore governance via Green Enterprises Pte Ltd.

Staff member will be employed by āluān’s Indonesian company PT Green Enterprises Indonesia and will have a key role in the following areas of the company.


1.     Leading Our People team


Here is a unique opportunity to play an influential role in building the culture of āluān by working closely with our People, caring for them, igniting a fire in them, and holding all of us to account.

The role with ‘Our People’ involves support for people to function at their best; as well as a legal/compliance/employment law aspect.

  •     Leading the company in all Indonesian employment law related matters

  •     Working with the CEO and others to develop a staff empowerment programme to light people’s fires

  •     Weaving in environmental stewardship values into the team in a fun and culturally cool way

  •     Training Simeulue based staff to be able to take over this role in 12-18 months

  •    Working with management to maximize the contribution of all aluan ‘energy centers’ towards the direction of the company, focusing energy and attention on the energy centers that tend to have less voice (i.e., women, farmers).


Lighting a fire, and supporting people to be at their best with āluān


  •    Scoping creative opportunities for more equitable aluan ownership including for example: staff/farmer stock options

  •     Programmes to really connect with nature

  •     Lunch time exercise/mood lifters

  •     Environmental


2.     Legal compliance and administration


Supporting legal compliance for our Indonesian company, PT Green Enterprises Indonesia. This will include:


  •     Renewing licenses as required, including a process to manage timely renewals

  •     Drafting board resolutions from time to time

  •     Support with Kitas (work visa) applications

  •     Support with tax filing (though this is the main responsibility of our Accountant)

  •     Drafting agreements, MoUs as required from time to time

  •   Reviewing all contracts


Depending on interests and work loads there is also an opportunity to support the legal administration of our Singapore umbrella entity, Green Enterprises Pte. Ltd.


3.     Systems, certification and compliance – factory operations


Aluan operates a factory on Simeulue Island, Sumatra, Indonesia. We are in the process of constructing a new factory on land we have acquired via PT GEI.


  •     Review Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for our added-value factory

  •     Support aluan’s HACCP application, including associated SOPs


4.     Sustainable supply chains programme

Our biggest opportunity for positive social and environmental impact is deforestation-free replanting alongside community based conservation and sustainable livelihoods.

Coconut replanting is urgently needed across Southeast Asia and Simeulue is no exception. Coconut trees reach peak production between 10-30 years. With many of the region's trees planted shortly after World War II, production is now in decline. Replanting is hampered by smallholder farmers’ lack of finance and an absence of collective arrangements – while large conglomerates control much of Indonesia’s oil palm plantations, around 95% of coconut trees are harvested by smallholders (FAO).

This creates instability for:

  •    Smallholder farming families who depend on coconuts for a sustainable livelihood 

  •     Businesses who depend on a sustainable coconut supply chain 

  •     The environment – communities and government come under livelihoods, political and economic pressure to partner with palm oil industry because of lack of alternatives. The typical palm oil model involves large-scale deforestation and mono-cropping, actively diminishing biodiversity. 

The Sustainable Supply Chains & Livelihoods staff member will be responsible for providing legal administrative support to this programme.

2. Stakeholder Communication & Liaison


3. Social & Environmental Impact: metrics, reporting, real impact


4. Simeulue licensing and government liaison



The ideal candidate is:

  •     passionate about sustainability

  •    willing and ready to learn new ways of doing things

  •     is looking to make a positive difference through a long-term role in a business that is dedicated to the environment

  •    understands that the nature of a startup means that people are expected to support where they can, and that jobs will quickly change

  •     can find clear and creative ways to communicate aluan’s vision to stakeholders including government

  •     will proactively communicate problems to management and coordinate with management and others in the team to avoid issues before they arise

  •     a leader, who leads through positive example and good communication

  •    a hardworker who is also a team player and knows how to have fun

  •    has excellent communication skills

  •     has a degree in an appropriate field

  •     Organised, with strong communication, delegation and leadership abilities

  •     Excellent interpersonal and motivational skills

  •     Proficiency in English is desired


Applications close: 15 February 2019

To apply, please send

-        A Cover Letter that explains what sustainability means to you (one page)

-        A 1-2 page Resume


Jane Dunlop, CEO,