The coconut palm is a completely sustainable resource. It asks for zero inputs. 
No fertilisers. No irrigation.  Just rainwater from hardworking Mother Earth.

Supporting aluan means you're contributing to a more sustainable world:

All of our products are Certified Organic.



Good, clean, honest farming means no weird GMO’s or chemicals, just plain coconuts. Wearing these badges means we pay fair wages, source ethically, protect ecosystems and wildlife, and run workplaces that are safe and healthy.  Hopefully one day this is just considered normal business.

A transparent
IMPACT trajectory.

Our impact on Simeulue Island is measured against leading international standards and metrics including the Impact Reporting and Investment Standards (IRIS). We're new on the scene, but have completed baseline assessments for a benchmark from day one. With a policy of radical transparency we'll share our stories with you even if it includes a few awkward ones. We believe in the transformative power of openness and that collective learning comes from acknowledging any issues upfront.


We don't just slap a label on. We've got the whole supply chain covered from farm to jar. We've gone as far as farming our own plantations on nearby uninhabited islands - supporting our commitment to protecting endangered turtles that nest on them. 

We work with family farmers to assist with replanting, and facilitate organic training through our farmer field-schools. This gives communities premium, higher value, coconuts and more of them to sell. Collaborating this way means we make new friends, and gives us full visibility of each coconut's origin. We can tell its life story from tree, to you.

Make GOOD.

We didn’t set out to ‘save the world'. It’s less complicated than that. We wondered how people were doing and we asked what people really care about. We lived, studied, explored and listened -  and we're still learning. 

It's clear that a lack of work opportunities is forcing people into extractive industries.  We're seeing first hand that forests and wildlife are disappearing, fuelled by ongoing demand for unsustainably sourced palm oil. Sumatra is quite literally up in smoke and the earth risks losing the entire cast of The Jungle Book!  Without examples of businesses like ours being successful, banks and politicians won't offer their services. So here we are. Taking this fun and winding journey to prove that sustainable business is possible here, and everywhere.

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Simeulue Island